Black tree

The black talent tree reflects traditional green Magic the Gathering characteristics. It focuses on death and reanimation.

Click the tier heading to cycle through the other color talents, of the same tier, for comparison.

Tier one talents

Intimidating-shape-1 Desc-holder Swamp-journey-1
Intimidating-shape-5 Desc-holder Swamp-journey-5

Tier two talents

Distress-1 Desc-holder Demonic-lifetaker-1
Distress-5 Desc-holder Demonic-lifetaker-5

Tier three talents

Plague-weapon-1 Desc-holder Undying-gambit-1
Plague-weapon-5 Desc-holder Undying-gambit-5

Tier four talents

Demonic-army-1 Desc-holder Ratweaver-1
Demonic-army-5 Desc-holder Ratweaver-5

Tier five talents

Rise-from-the-grave-1 Desc-holder Vampiric-spellcaster-1
Rise-from-the-grave-5 Desc-holder Vampiric-spellcaster-5

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