First of all I will say that I am not the best editor in the world. That being said, I try my best and my heart is in the right place.

I have noticed that no one is active on this wiki and there is no information contained here.

I plan on putting as much information as I can, given my time constraints.

I have contacted 2 people concerning this wiki. The first was Dr. F (sysops from the borderlands wiki) and the second was user: Aired from

Aired is the only other person, that I know of, to put work into bringing Magic the Gathering Tacics information to the web.

Aired graciously agreed to let me post the pictures he has collected in his card list. In fact, he compiled a .rar file so that I could download his entire collection at once (now if I could only find a "massive upload" button).

Special thanks goes out to Aired and his thoughtfulness, along with total credit (which will be posted with each picture).

When I first contacted Dr. F it was because I was horrified at the lack of content on this wiki.

I can only think that this wiki needs an active sysops and it makes sense that I should try to become the sysops (it seems like I am the ONLY one who cares).

I actually do not care if I become the sysops or not, I only really care to see information for my own curiosity (it looks like I am the one who will have to satify that curiosity).

If I do become the sysops, I plan on making changes to the Font of this wiki (it would look so cool in black, check out the borderlands wiki).

I am glad that this wiki was created before the "big" change from talk pages to message walls (makes it easier because I would change that as well).

I would never ban UC's (unregistered contributors) from editing this wiki, since creation can be spontaneous and logging in is not.

I would never UNDO edits simply because of minor errors, I would clean up errors instead (as wiki guidelines suggest).

I would write easy to understand policy (even though I tend to be long-winded).

I am not sure what other changes I would make, since I have never been an admin or sysops but I would talk to any community here first.

Special thanks to Dr. F for his encouragement and help.

EDIT-- I would not put badges on this wiki. Content rather than numbers of contributions, etc. PLUS they are annoying. If any community here wanted them, I would probably make them comical rather than a "reward".

EDIT-- I also contacted JoePlay through Borderlands Wiki. Working on categorizing pages ASAP.

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